Answered By: Eugene Espinoza
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018     Views: 6501

1. Buy PaperCut Card (minimum value is Php30.00) from any of the following service counters:

a) Information Reference 7F
b) Periodicals 9F
c) Archives 10F


2. Go to the Libraries website (

3. Scroll down and click on Web Printing  under GETTING STARTED.   

4. Log-in to the PaperCut application service client using your MyLaSalle username and password.



5. To load value to your PaperCut account, click on REDEEM CARD.  Enter the PaperCut Card Number found at the center of the card, then click the Redeem Card button.  Click on Summary to check your balance.



6. To start printing using the PaperCut client, click on Web Print then click on Submit a Job.



Select the desired location of the printer where the document is to be released or printed.  Then click on 2. Print Options and Account Selection button found at the bottom of the box.

Note: Currently available printers are located at the 7th, 9th and 10th floors of the Learning Commons near the public computer areas.


7. Input the number of copies of  the document to be printed (default is 1), then click on 3. Upload Documents button.



8. Click Choose File button, and locate and upload the file to print.  Then click Upload & Complete button.



9. Wait for the printing process to render and complete. Once the printing process is complete, click Held in a queue. Only then can the document be released for printing.



10. To release the document to the designated printer, click on Jobs Pending Release.  Double check the accuracy of the inputted information (e.g. file name, number of copies, etc.)  then click Print under the ACTION column. Collect the printed document/s at the designated printer.



11. Click logout on the PaperCut Client before leaving the terminal.