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4 types of assignment in turnitin

  Please note a Paper assignment must exist before any other assignment type can be created.


  • Paper assignment type is the base assignment for all other assignments types (PeerMark, Revision, and Reflection). When creating a paper assignment there are three dates that instructors will need to set: the start date, the due date, and the post date.


  • The PeerMark assignment type allows students to review their peers' papers based on scale and free response questions selected by the instructor.


  • Revision assignment  If the instructor would like students to submit multiple drafts without overwriting the previous drafts/submissions, the instructor can create additional assignments using the revision assignment type. Revision assignments are duplicates of the 'parent' assignment's advanced options and standard settings, but may have new start, due, and post dates.


  • The reflection assignment is an opportunity for students to write about what they learned from the writing process as well as offer feedback on the assignment they worked on. This is most useful in classes that emphasize and teach the writing process.

    Note: reflection assignments do not receive Originality Reports and cannot be marked in GradeMark.


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