Answered By: May Cajes
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2020     Views: 45

  1. Go to and Download and save the latest version: Digital Edition 4.5.11 Macintosh (22 MB) as of June 2020    


  1. Double-click ADE_4.5_Installer.dmg file from your computer, to start the installation process.
  2. Click Continue to begin the installation process

(NOTE: an older edition were used in the screenshots below but the process remains the same)


  1. Select the destination for the drive where you want to install Adobe Digital Editions. Digital Editions only installs on the drive where Mac OS is installed.  Once you have selected the destination, click Continue.


  1. Click Install to begin the installation process.


  1. Mac OS X asks that you authorize the installation. Enter an administrator account name and password to authorize the installation.


  1. Click Close after the installation is complete.



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