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You may have your works checked via Turnitin, a comprehensive, cloud-based solution for originality checking and plagiarism prevention. All DLSU faculty members are encouraged to create a Turnitin Instructor Account, then, they are to provide the Class ID(s) and Enrollment Password(s) to their students so they can enroll in the class(es).
The library can also assist a student who wishes to have his/her paper(s) checked via Turnitin before submitting it to his/her professor, by providing his/her (1) ID number, (2) First Name, (3) Last Name, and (4) DLSU email address. The student may opt to have his/her paper submitted in the following:
1. No repository - Paper will not be saved/checked against other students' submitted papers in the Turnitin database. Note that submission to this account yields low originality report and similarity index results.
2. Standard Repository - Paper will be saved in the Turnitin database and may be requested for deletion, upon approval of the Turnitin Administrators (to be facilitated by the library). Digital Receipt issued to the student upon paper submission should be kept as this is required when requesting for paper deletion. Note that before requesting to submit another draft of the same paper to Turnitin, previous draft should be deleted from the Turnitin database first, otherwise, Turnitin will yield high originality report and similarity index results.
A notification will be sent to the student's DLSU email containing details of the submission.

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